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re; cone 6 iron red glaze for larry k

updated wed 8 dec 10


Anne Doyle on mon 6 dec 10

Hi Larry=3D2C i posted this a little while back but i guess you missed it..=
. =3D
so i'm resending:

here's the one i developped=3D2C works well on my clay and as with all glaz=
=3D2C test it on your clay...
it doesn't need a long soak on the cool down and can be fired anywhere betw=
een hard cone 5 to a hard cone 6:
please=3D2C if you use it post your results... redder where thickest...

Recipe Name: Anne's Righteous RED
Cone: 6 Color: red mottled with khaki & gold=3D20
Firing: Oxidation Surface: Semiglossy
NOTE: increased bone ash to 6% and did not redo the run through the program=
it holds its iron and passes vinegar test fine. I included iron in the orig=
inal calculations because of the flux=3D2C...
Amount Ingredient
24.5 Gerstley Borate--9/97
24.5 Silica
5 Kaolin--EPK
16.5 Feldspar--Kona F4
12.3 Talc
2.3 Alumina--Calcined
12.5 Iron Oxide--Red
6.0 Bone Ash
104 Total

Unity Oxide
.251 Al2O3
2.563 SiO2
10.2 Ratio
69.9 Exp
Comments: Lee Bedford called this a righteous red iron=3D20
glaze when she saw it... maybe i'll call it that
Calculations by GlazeMaster=3D99

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