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firing with covers on

updated tue 30 nov 10


mel jacobson on mon 29 nov 10

i just opened a kiln yesterday...20 storage jars and tall
cannisters. all had covers, all fired with covers in place.
same for bisque..none had holes. i must say, they fired very well.

i must have fired a couple thousand jars and casseroles
with covers and never have them fail or blow up.
had a few sticky covers, but i use pure silica on the gallery
and most of them come loose really well.

as i have said maybe a hundred times...i never fire wet
pots in bisque. that might be called dumb to fire wet pots.
i stack slightly damp pots on top of the bisque kiln when it fires....
and they get really hot....that means dry. totally.
i bisque fire very slow. every firing has a stack of pots drying on
top. load heavy pots on the outer edge, lite things inside...stacked
neatly with bridging.

no need to blow up anything...

the studio is a place of rhythm....make things, trim things,
decorate, then dry them. i have two ceiling fans, and about
four box fans. i mix and match the air flow.
winter is nice as i have a ceiling mounted gas furnace with a
blower. things dry overnight.

if you are doing small loads and you are a bit nervous about wet
pots...dry them overnight in your oven...set it as low as you can.
stick a spoon in the door...let out the steam.
do what ever you need to do to get pots dry.
from: minnetonka, mn
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