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cooling in a gas kiln

updated tue 30 nov 10


Deborah Thuman on mon 29 nov 10

I can only tell you what works for me. I fire ^6 reduction from ^08
through ^1, then oxidation up to ^5 down and ^6 starting to move.
Then... I shut off the inner burners and leave the outer burners on
about the same as I would for candling the kiln. Leave it alone for 30
minutes (45 minutes is too long - yep, that's exactly how I found
out) then kill the gas, shut the damper and plug the peeps.

After that, I have to work on keeping Jim from opening the kiln door
too soon. I let him open the damper and unplug the peeps the following
morning and then open when there's no more hot air coming out. No
broken pieces. I've found some commercial glazes that are really
crappy in oxidation that turn into magnificent in reduction.

Oh.... the university uses the old style, heavy as all get out shelves
in the fully manual gas kiln. Advancers are for the Blauuw.

Deb Thuman