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my trip to nyc

updated tue 16 nov 10


Frank Gaydos on sun 14 nov 10

The annual schooltrip to NYC went very well.=3D20

We did not leave anyone behind again....=3D20

I stayed in the Metropolitian Museum all day.=3D20

There were many wonderful shows to see.=3D20

The biggest was the 'The World of Kkubilai Khan- Chinese Art in the Yuan Dy=

Another wonderful show was 'Masterpieces of French Art Deco'=3D20{DB997BE1-7D=

Another: 'Highlights from the Modern Design Collection,1900 to the present'=
-44F1-B858 E365AFFF7CFD }=3D20

And last but not least was a great show of early mod ern photography,=3D20

'Stieglitz, Steichen, Strand'=3DC2=3DA0=3D20{EC47F3BF-9F=
-444B-BBF6-E81E4748C49F }=3D20

If the links don't work try this main page:=3D20