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best book on advanced glaze chemistry?

updated wed 10 nov 10


Paul Borian on tue 9 nov 10

i am looking for suggestions on a book that covers glaze chemistry for
potters. I am well beyond the beginner level but no where near the expert
level and i need something to help fill the many gaps in my knowlege of thi=
subject. I am especially interested in learning to re-formulate glazes to
adjust the expansion because i have changed my clay body a lot this year an=
am still changing it, and when i am finally finished i will probably need t=
adjust my glazes again.
plus, i have a slip glaze that i formulated myself (mostly through trial an=
error and not so much through chemistry) that comes out quite amazing 'most
of the time' but if it is in a slightly cool spot of the kiln it can come
out remarkably dull... So it seems like i need to study this science more
intensively to figure out exactly what is going on and how to adjust the
glaze without changing the way it looks to make it more consistent.

if anyone cares to make suggestions on what the 'best' book on glazes is
please email me off list.
BTW thanks for the all suggestions about rulers for measuring shrinkage