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potters council announces winners for tampa show

updated wed 3 nov 10


Chris Campbell on fri 29 oct 10

The Potters Council is pleased to announce =3D0Athe winning potters for our=
uried Members Show, =3D0A"The Shoulders We Stand On". This show =3D0Awill b=
e pr=3D
esented during the 2011 NCECA in Tampa.=3D0A=3D0AWinning Entrants :=3D0A =
inia Ainslie, JoAnn Axford, Antoinette Badenhorst,=3D0AJohn Baymore, John B=
kelman, Sandra Blain, =3D0A=3D0AJudy Bolef Miller, David Bolton, Andrea Bot=
i, =3D0A=3D0AMaureen Burns-Bowie, Joan Carcia, Bowie Croisant, =3D0A=3D0ASu=
san Curr=3D
y, Joan d=3DE2=3D80=3D99Arcambal, Barbara Davis, =3D0A=3D0AScott Dooley, Be=
tte Drake,=3D
Laila Farcas-Ionescu,=3D0ADawn Ferguson, Roberta Griffith, Martha Grover,=
Vicky Hansen, Marian Heintz, Pamela Herring, =3D0A=3D0AJonathan Kaplan, Ja=
n Ko=3D
lenda, Justin Lambert, =3D0A=3D0AMarta Matray, Joan Matsusaki, Dan Molyneux=
, =3D
=3D0A=3D0AJudith Motzkin, Hank Murrow, Joy Elaine Praznik,=3D0ACatherine Re=
Carol Rissman, Renee Rouillier, =3D0A=3D0ADonna Rozman, Barbara Schwartz, =
Sam =3D
Scott, =3D0A=3D0AAmy Smith, Dinah Snipes Steveni, Rimas VisGirda, =3D0A=3D0=
ASumi vo=3D
n Dassow, Eliza Wang, Scott Zeigler and=3D0A=3D0ACristin Zimmer.=3D0A =3D0A=
These Me=3D
mbers are going to present the most =3D0A=3D0Aexciting show in Tampa! Their=
k is awesome.=3D0A=3D0AWe thank all the Members who submitted an entry =3D0=
r the show. It is because of your support =3D0A=3D0Aand enthusiasm we can m=
a fabulous show =3D0A=3D0Asuch as this one will be.=3D0A=3D0AWe will soon =
be annou=3D
ncing the theme for our =3D0A=3D0Anext juried Members Show for NCECA 2012, =
tle.=3D0AThe organizers in Seattle are already hard at work =3D0A=3D0Ato ma=
ke thi=3D
s an NCECA to remember, so mark your =3D0A=3D0Acalendars now!=3D0A=3D0AFor =
more inf=3D
ormation on the winners, please visit :=3D0A=3D0Ahttp://ceramicartsdaily.or=
show/ =3D0A=3D0A=3D0A(make sure both address lines get copied)=3D0A=3D0A=3D=
0A=3D0AChris C=3D
ampbell - in North Carolina=3D0A =3D0A =3D0A Chris Campbell=3D0APresident, =
Potters =3D
Council=3D0AChris Campbell Pottery LLC=3D0ADesigns in Colored Porcelain=3D0=

marta matray on mon 1 nov 10

wow wow wow!=3D20
can't wait to see the show in tampa!=3D20
thanks potters council!=3D20