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milwaukee art museum and american ceramic circle nov 4-7

updated wed 27 oct 10


Rob Hunter on tue 26 oct 10

A reminder of the upcoming American Ceramic Circle meeting to be held at =
Milwaukee Art Museum Nov 4-7. Some amazing ceramic rates a=
available. See

Special bonus on Sunday Nov 7 and free to the public:=3D20

1:00=3D964:00pm=3D09Milwaukee Art Museum=3D92s Windhover Hall=3D20

North Carolina potters Hal Pugh and Eleanor Minnock-Pugh (New Salem Potte=
and Mary Farrell (Westmoore Pottery) will work live in clay at potter=3D92s=
wheels in=3D20
a program open to all Milwaukee Art Museum visitors. They will demonstrat=
historic ceramic techniques and styles as they throw vessels, apply handl=
es, and=3D20
demonstrate slip decoration. These potters each have over 35 years experi=
in making pottery inspired by historic North Carolina ceramics, like thos=
e on=3D20
view in the exhibition Art in Clay: Masterworks of North Carolina Earthen=
Results of their research appears in Ceramics in America (2010).