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paul lewing workshop in logan, utah

updated sun 24 oct 10


Lee Burningham on fri 22 oct 10

I just returned from the airport after dropping Paul Lewing off after
an intense week of china painting in a high school setting. He=3D27s feelin=
like slave labor or a well-used rented mule. If you EVER get an
opportunity to listen and watch a master of his trade, don=3D27t pass on a
Paul Lewing workshop=3D21
Thanks, Paul, and the rest of you better take the opportunity when you
get it=3D21
Lee Burningham

>>> Paul Lewing 4/15/2010 10:50 AM >>>
Odyssey Center for Ceramics asked me to post this to the list for =3D20
them. There are a number of spots left in this workshop and I=3D27m =3D20
really hoping it goes, as I=3D27v never been to that part of North =3D20
Carolina. I hope I=3D27ll see some Clayart folks there.

China Painting: New Directions
Paul Lewing
In this workshop students will explore methods of applying and firing=3D20

china paint (using water-soluble mediums exclusively) on ceramic tile,=3D20

pottery, and sculpture. Create one-of-a-kind results by using =3D20
different brushes, stamping, printing, spraying, and stenciling with =3D20
china paints. Investigate resist and wipeout techniques, as well as =3D20
traditional shading and ground-laying methods. Each student will =3D20
produce tiles and other ware of their own design. We will also =3D20
cooperate in the decorating of several collaborative murals. All
June 21-25, Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm

Paul Lewing has been an avid painter all of his life. His work is as =3D20
much about painting with glazes as it is about pottery. His work has =3D20
been featured in various exhibitions and collections and been =3D20
commissioned throughout the US. His book, =3DE2=3D80=3D9CChina Paint & =3D
Overglaze=3DE2=3D80=3D9D =3D20
has inspired others interested in combining their love of painting =3D20
with their love of ceramics.

Paul Lewing