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subject: cone 6 glossy brown opaque glaze/lili, help me out please=

updated sat 23 oct 10


Alisa Liskin Clausen on fri 22 oct 10


Hi Tig,
Your glaze in my world is a fritted slip, or rather a very fluxed red clay.
However you describe it,
you can realize the effect without Albany Slip. I have done this 2 ways,
since I do not have access
to Albany slip.

Lili has an Albany Slip sub. which just eludes me as I write and I do not
have my glaze notes handy,
or even on the same continent, so how is that for the dog ate my homework?

It is 80% red clay (I use Oldenwalder, known here in Scandinavia), and 5
percent Whiting
and 15 percent - Please help Lili. I think it is Neph. Sye. I will do my
best to find the ingredients
if Lili misses this post.

I have also used straight out red clay in recipes which called for Albany
slip with good results.

On my website at there is a link to flickr at the bottom o=
the page. There you
can see my red clay tests. Note that there are some very good blue nuances
where I added some

Hope this helps, and good luck.
Best regards from Alisa in Denmark

Alisa Liskin Clausen
Troldskovvej 42
DK 6200 Aabenraa
(45) 20 24 66 40