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kiln cyclone-now full vs half shelves

updated fri 22 oct 10


Pottery by John on thu 21 oct 10

About this kiln - Are you saying that you had full round shelves mixed with
half shelves??? That's not good practice.


The thinking is that full round shelves block heat transfer where half roun=
allow better heat transfer. Loading with half rounds, spaced to not be on
plane with another, is thought to promote more even firing. There may be
other reasons I am unaware of.

In my kilns, I use a full round for the bottom (which is still lower than
the lowest element in my kiln), and halves the rest of the way. When I firs=
started firing I used whatever, where ever, but changed after reading enoug=
Clayart posts and instruction manuals promoting the better heat transfer

John Lowes
Sandy Springs, Georgia