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cheap wheel add-ons

updated thu 21 oct 10


Jennifer Boyer on wed 20 oct 10

I haven't posted in awhile, having my time taken up by Facebook
Lexulous.... ;-) anyone out there want to play??

Just thought I'd pass this tip along:

This may have come from Clayart, and I love it: I bought a length of hot
water pipe insulation and slipped it over the rim of my splash pan. It only
cost a couple of $ and since I tend to lean pretty hard on the splash pan
rim when centering, it makes it more comfortable. The insulation is simply =
thick foam tube with a slit down the side: very easy to cut to length with

My other fave Clayart wheel improvement is a trimmings catcher made from a
big plastic planter cut to size.

Jennifer, in the throwing cycle....