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saggar and james freeman

updated tue 19 oct 10


Linda Mccaleb on mon 18 oct 10

=3DA0 First I know the question about the saggar was stupid, as the answers=
ame in =3D0Amy brain woke up and I realized the it was common sense, well f=
people in =3D0Apottery anyway. I'm sorry I bothered you, but you did jar m=
y =3D
memory, and now I =3D0Ahave it written down and will be able to get to it a=
in when I have another =3D0Abrain drain.=3D0A=3DA0 Second, I'm just so prou=
d of J=3D
ames and his seminar. I wouldn't have the nerve =3D0Aor the stamina to do t=
t. I don't like to talk when I'm throwing, and to talk =3D0Athe whole time.=
would be at a loss. I'm glad he posed questions that made them =3D0Athink =
more questions, that he was able to answer with ease. =3D0A=3D0A=3DA0 Cong=
tions James.=3D0A=3DA0 Linda=3D0A=3D0A=3D0A