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putting a test piece in every kiln load

updated wed 13 oct 10


Deborah Thuman on tue 12 oct 10

If you make small items, that works without thinking about it. I've
got 4 mezuzah covers drying and they will be used to test copper wash.
It's just a little bit of clay. If they come out ugly, I'll know what
not to do next time. If they come out gorgeous, they go on my etsy
site and I'll know exactly what to do next time.

Jim made little drip trays from a drape mold to put under his test
tiles. Then he started using the drip trays as test tiles. Next, he
discovered his drip trays were marketable and sold the entire lot.

I've made pinch pots to test out glaze combinations on the inside of
the bowls. If it runs inside the bowl - fine. If it runs on the
outside of the bowl, I get to do something I really don't like to do -
scrape the kiln shelves. Little pinch pots are used as M&M dishes, ice
cream dishes, for anything where a small portion is healthier than a
large portion.

And let's not forget my collection of hand made beads, buttons and
cabochons. Lots of experimenting going on there. And those buttons fit
into the little spaces on the shelves between the big pots just dandy.

Deb Thuman