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letting newly mixed glazes "steep": talisman sieve

updated wed 13 oct 10


Eleanora Eden on tue 12 oct 10

Thankyou Robert for mentioning this. Went right to the site and found
out that it is widely available. I have one of their tiny test sieves and =
it all the time. Very handy gadget. But never had focused on the crank
sieve gismo and will definitely be purchasing it.


>Lots of good replies here as expected. One thing that I assumed
>someone else would talk about is sieving. You definitely need to let
>the glaze sit for an hour or so before sieving.
>Since I make 4 gallons or so of glaze at a time I have bought myself
>one of those large Talisman sieves with 3 brushes on a crank. They
>really do work like a charm. If I want bubble-less, well wetted glaze
>the same day, I just put it through the sieve (100 mesh) twice. That
>seems to do the trick.

Bellows Falls Vermont