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of mice and men in az

updated tue 12 oct 10


tony clennell on sun 10 oct 10

David Woof wrote:
Bon feu,

Hope to see some of my Canuck and Northern states friends thawing out
down here later this year. God and my mom know I won't willingly be
traveling North!!!

David Woof

David my man! We'd love to have ya north of 49. Winter here separates
the men from the mice.There is nothing like a wood firing in January
with a wind chill of -47. Your voice is a tad higher and a visit by a
lone coyote and the screech of an owl is all that makes a genuine wood
coon. I don't stomp my feet to scare off the king snake or the rattler
but rather to keep my toes from freezing.
I'm stoked to hear about the new residency in your hood with the Reitz
logo on it. I think you are in an area that exudes "energy" and you
are part of that energy.
I'm going to do my best to get down to your hood. Keep the fire stoked
my friend.