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alisa clausen raspberry blue cone 6 oxidation

updated mon 11 oct 10


DJ Brewer on sun 10 oct 10

Sorry for the initial omission -- this is cone 6 oxidation.

Base glaze:

Amount Ingredient

18 Nepheline Syenite
14 Frit--Ferro 3134
20 Whiting
18 Ball Clay--Old Mine #4
30 Silica

100 Total

The colorant additions below are as follows

Jeanies Purple
0.2 Chrome oxide
3.8 Tin Ox.
0.6 Cobalt Carb.

Raspberry Blue
1.0 Cobalt Carb.
05. RIO

MC6G Raspberry (MC6 =3D Mastering Cone 6 glaze -- the other two glazes are
spin-offs from this original recipe)
0.2 Chrome oxide
7.5 Tin

AND I "discovered" a fourth glaze, through my ignorance and
misapplication her instructions: GRAPE GLOSS

Grape Gloss
0.2 Chrome oxide
7.5 Tin
1.0 Cobalt Oxide (yep. I accidently added Cobalt Oxide instead of
Cobalt Carbonate)
0.5 RIO

Here is a photo of it. Its a decidedly grape glaze
(scroll down to the very purple teabowl. yeah. THAT one)

much love