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peter sohngens article on cristobalite in high fired stoneware cla=

updated tue 12 oct 10


Ron Roy on fri 8 oct 10


Thanks to Mary Barringer - editor of Studio Potter the Sohngen article
is now on line as a PDF document.

You can find it at:

It may take a while to download - hang in - it's worth the wait.

It was published in Studio Potter Volume 28 #1 - the one with the
picture of David Shaner on the cover.

I hope those of you who don't know about Studio Potter magazine will
also go to their web site and see what they are about. There is no
advertising and it's all about clay - and some of the best writing on
the subject I have ever seen.

If you do appreciate it send Mary a note -
Mary Barringer

She is dedicated and works hard along with many volunteers to keep one
of our best magazines coming.


ivor and olive lewis on mon 11 oct 10


Dear Mary Barringer ,

Thank you for allowing Ron Roy to reprint that article on the Clayart List.

From the footnote it would seem to me that reading the article by Jim
Robinson, published ten years previously, is essential if I (and I'm sure
other readers would agree) am to thoroughly grasp what seem to be complex
yet important foundation concepts of ceramic processing.
Would it be possible for you to provide me with a copy.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Ivor Lewis,
South Australia