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mashiko pottery video

updated sun 10 oct 10


Cathi Newlin on sat 9 oct 10

Just wanted to share.
A few years back I inherited some videos from my former ceramics
instructor. Lots of different stuff...

A few weeks ago I got a cool little doohicke for my laptop that allows
me to hook my old VCR into the laptop and transfer the videos over.
A couple of them are really cool, so I converted them to web friendly
format and decided to stick them up on my web page.

I only have the first one done, but its pretty cool.
Its restored from a film Bernard Leach had and is a 1937 film from Japan.

You can watch it here (I hope): by clicking on the "Videos" link.
Please note...for some reason Google Chrome thinks the "Videos" page is
in Chinese (its not, I hand-coded the entire site!), and so you'll need
FireFox or IE to get the link, until I figure out what's up with Chrome.

Also, the original film has no sound, so neither does mine.
But I thought some of you might enjoy it.

Cathi Newlin, Angels Camp, Ca