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updated thu 30 sep 10


Lili Krakowski on wed 29 sep 10

People love "inside information." People love the idea that they are in =
an "in group" that shuts others out. Much successful advertising is =3D
based on that trait.

If you sell pots that require special care, make that a selling point. =
These are not humdrum pots meant for dishwasher and micro, meant for =3D
cafeteria and truck stop use...these are delicate pots meant for people =3D
in peaceful homes...people who will treat them gently.

Vince tells us this is part of his message: " "The confirming process =3D
has the quality of celebratory ritual, and the wares have an evocative =3D
beauty that speaks of the firing process, but bonfire wares are more =3D
fragile and porous than those fired in other
processes, and cannot be used to contain food or liquids."

Which is on the right track. Although for me bonfires evoke rowdy, =3D
happy activity, and I would not relate gentle handling to bonfire =3D
I like the phrase "celebratory ritual" .=3D20

You need some words suggesting tenderness, fragility, quiet =3D
appreciation--object that in the hurly-burly of our lives today's recall =
us to some quiet--as dawns and sunsets do, small animals, =3D that.

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage