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robin hopper workshop at missa

updated tue 28 sep 10


Betty Burroughs on sun 26 sep 10

Robin Hopper =3D96 a demonstration workshop on decoration, design and =3D
surface enrichment
October 2 - 3 at Metchosin Int'l. Summer =3D
School of the Arts
650 Pearson =3D
College Drive, Victoria, BC Canada
Robin is a master of decoration. Very few ceramic artists offer this =3D
type of workshop and we are lucky to have Robin demonstrate an =3D
incredible variety of decoration processes such as traditional slipware, =
mishima, majolica, brushwork, underglaze plus coloured clay work like =3D
arate ware, neriage and millefiori style blockmaking and other glaze =3D
application and decoration. Cost is $165 plus HST or if a Friend of =3D
MISSA $155 plus HST. This includes lunches and coffee breaks.
Please call the MISSA office and talk to Deanna (250) 391-2420 to =3D
Toll free in Canada: 1-800-667-3122
Fax: (250) 391-2412
Or E-mail: