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insurance cat and mouse

updated sun 26 sep 10


Maggie Furtak on sat 25 sep 10

Snippity snip:

"My insurance agent and I play a game when it comes to me asking questions
about my insurance.
She told me all questions are reported to the company- just as Alice learne=
And can effect your insurance in many ways.

So I ask hypothetical questions about the information I need. And I don't s=
ay I
am the person, but an unknown individual. The agent knows what I am doing, =
all she suggested it, but she doesn't have to report it."

Another way to handle this is to call and say "I'm CONSIDERING doing x, y, =
but I wanted to know how it would affect my insurance first. If it's not
practical, I'll rent space at the local art center and do it there, or not =
all. Can you tell me how my rates would change if I did such and such...? =
really! Can you suggest a way that I could do it that would make you confi=
of safety considerations so that my rate wouldn't change so much? Or shoul=
d I
just give up the idea?"

It's all about how you phrase things. And if a company is so unreasonable =
as to
drop you for asking a question like that, are you confident that they would
actually pay you promptly and without fuss if you should need to use your
insurance? If they are trying to weasel out of coverage over a mere questi=
on, I
wouldn't trust them to write the check if you actually have the fire, flood=
, or
act of God.

-Maggie Furtak

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517 Fellsway East
Malden, MA 02148