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cone 6 glaze recipes available on web page

updated thu 8 jan 98


GoodrichDn on wed 7 jan 98

For those of you who collect ^6 oxidation glaze recipes AND have the old
Windows Cardfile program on your computers, I've added to my website my
collection of over 150 of these ( and other low-to-midfire ) glazes that
others have posted on Clayart over the last couple of years. I haven't tested
many of them (has anyone, besides Mishy or Veronica?) and make no claim as to
their suitability. I've tried to attribute 'em as to who posted them, but
there are some omissions.
Here you will find 3 versions of Lichen, Oxblood, Gibby's Wild Rose Kaki,
the ever-popular Spooze, a hand-cream recipe, and lots of other goodies
including the URL of the Clayart Archives.
The file is in Windows Cardfile format, which means that your computer will
have to know what to do with a file whose name ends in ".CRD" . If you'd like
to download this file, go to
and click on the new link near the bottom of the home page.


Don Goodrich enduring more rain in Zion, Illinois