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juried shows redux

updated mon 20 sep 10


Nils Lou on sun 19 sep 10

Jon, thanks for your thoughtful response to my tirade on
show lotteries. Your and T's roles as jurors are appreciated. Kevin =3D
Meyers is a respected
potter and teacher. I know Neil Moss thought highly of him.=3D20
My comments should be taken generically and are not a specific criticism =
of any one gallery, but
of the expectation and assumption that it is reasonable to ask the =3D
artist/craftsguy to pay all the
costs of exhibiting with no risk to the gallery. The upfront money comes =
from the artist.
I've managed two galleries over a combined six years and it is a =3D
tough business. There is a large nut to cover every month with leasing, =3D
salaries, insurance, advertising and more. Putting on the woodfire show =3D
means dedicating the time and space, advertising and so on. From the =3D
gallery's point of view as a business there needs to be a profit. From =3D
the artist's point of view there needs to be a good reason to invest 40% =
of the sale, insurance and shipping both ways with a maybe outcome of a =3D
sale and/or getting a collector interested. Folks like Fred and Callas =3D
have the means to play the game, and they are the ones most likely to =3D
attract a collector. The younger initiates probably won't, but will be =3D
paying for the ones who will. I am simply attempting to alert people to =3D
see the realities of what I think of as a lottery and go in
with eyes open, not just starry. I hope the show is successful for all =3D
participants and thank you and T for giving it an objective and fair =3D

nils lou,