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updated mon 13 sep 10


Lili Krakowski on sun 12 sep 10

Yeah! Hurray for Dinah! At last someone is opening a thread about the =3D
New Foods in Our Kitchens/on our tables.

I use sake cups and salt cellars and the like for seasonings etc that =3D
are used at table, BUT the "problem" remains that these require taking =3D
stuff out of larger containers, and putting them into small ones. If, =3D
like individual salt cellars, everyone gets a little container, and the =3D
seasoning remnants are discarded, that may be a waste, but it is fine. =
IF it does not work like that, there is waste of product, waste of time.

What Dinah is on the track of is Sensible Containers for Seasonings. I =3D
use a shaker for pepper flakes, dried this and that. =3D20

BUT we all should start thinking about the new foods on the market, and =3D
the design possibilities of dishes for those. =3D20

As to those darling little spoons--love'em, leave'em. Cute yes, =3D
practical no.

So lettuce get into the kitchen with Dinah, figure this one out with =3D
great ideas...

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage