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small sculpture stand for firing link

updated fri 10 sep 10


Overall's on thu 9 sep 10

oopsie;=3DA0 here's the link:=3DA0

the attached link shows how the firing support was made for the small figur=
ative sculpture.

Vince told me the solution using kiln wadding (NOT STEEL RODS), John Post p=
rovided the visual of a 'funnel' shaped form.

The entries are backwards as I don't post much in the blog so you may want =
to scroll down to start at the bottom beginning.

I'll post images of it finished using Vince's iron wash recommendation.

If=3D0Ayou all see that there might be support or shrinkage concerns, pleas=
=3D0Alet me know as I have it in a plastic container for a day or two.=3DA0=

Thank you Vince, John and all who helped with this 'endeavor to persevere'!

Kim in Houston