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exhibition posters

updated thu 9 sep 10


Rimas VisGirda on wed 8 sep 10

I am cleaning house, way too much stuff and started listing again on ebay. =
I started to collect exhibition posters when I taught in MN; Rochester was =
a hot-bed of ceramic activity during the 70's and 80's... Anyone interested=
in a bit of history take a look. Some are autographed. My ebay name is uro=
Regards, -Rimas

Rimas VisGirda on wed 8 sep 10

Hi Jeanette, do a search for 110583521437 or CLAYTON BAILEY EXHIBITION POST=
ER. I usually list on T-W-Th for a 7 day auction. I'll be listing one poste=
r each T-W-Th, along with other things I'm wanting to move out. Currently C=
layton Bailey is the only poster up. There will be another appearing tonigh=
t and another on Thursday. I schedule them to start around 9 pm Central or =
7 pm Pacific. Thanks for your interest. -Rimas

--- On Wed, 9/8/10, jeanette harris wrote:

Hi, Rimas,
There's a world of posters out there! Can you give me the number of one of =
your offerings? I tried your name and the only thing that would come up was=
cast iron items.
-- Jeanette Harris in Poulsbo WA