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: re: epa plans to regulate all sources of co2, even small ones li=

updated wed 8 sep 10


ivor and olive lewis on tue 7 sep 10

ke us!

With petrochemicals, we have only been playing for the refined

oil and gasoline we use, but not the waste product pumped into the

communal atmosphere.

Lee, this little snippet caught my attention.

Several decades ago I was a constant visitor to several petrochemical
plants in Scotland and Northern England. I always will remember a remark
from one of the engineers, to the effect that, were it not for motor
vehicles, petrochemical industries would be faced with the never ending tas=
of storing vast volumes of gasoline and distillate that were bye products o=
.Nylon., Butyl, Acrylate, Vinyl and other plastic production.
Ivor Lewis,
South Australia