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pay pal issues ( cherry juice )

updated tue 7 sep 10


phil on sun 5 sep 10

Hi Joyce, all...

Dark/Sour/Black Cherry Fruit as food, or, the Juice, is also very useful
when raising
infant/baby SongBirds or Corvids particularly ( and probably other wider
species also if less critically needed )
as it helps them correctly assimilate and manage Calcium/Boron/Magnesium/et=
building strong
Bones and Muscles.

Either the Fruit itself or the Juice are also very good to include in the
diets of many species of variously ill, invalid or recent privation
history Birds of any well as being very good for pretty well anyon=
else, regardless.

Some years ago, a group of Michigan Cherry Farmers had a one-page folded
little Kinko's
tri-fold Brochure about their Cherrys, which also said "Cherries are Good
for you"

FDA sent out the teams with the Remington Shotguns and the cheap Sears Suit=
and Sunglasses, doing the Starsky-and-Hutch four wheel drift skid-stops wit=
the tint-window 'Appliance White' Vans, at these guy's front doors,
swarming out and
arresting them, roughing them up, and tightening those nylon pull-tie-cuffs

Federal Law prohibits anyone from ever making such a claim in writing ( or
even verbally ) for a
product they sell or give away even, as, say, "Cherrys are Good for You" -
and you will be arrested, roughed up, and sent to prison, fined, and so on
as a
matter of mechanized bureaucracy, and for providing jobs for those characte=
had led them to
the ranks.


Many private people and Avian rehabbers who are raising logistically Orphan
Birds or Corvids ( or probably any Birds in England it seems, ) find
disappointment in developmental conditions associated
with Calcium uptake deficiency syndromes ( whether
identified as such or not) resulting in deformity, poor Feathering, weak
and easily broken
bones, thin bones, weak Legs,
muscle troubles, 'rubbery' Beaks, and so
on...leading to chronic debility/frailty and often euthenasia for want of
other recourse...for not understanding what a right or necessary dietary
menu should be or should have been, for these various Birds.

Ripe or Dried dark Cherries ( or their Juices ) along with a proper diet
generally ( meaning in part, not relying on dry cat food or procecessed
cereal ), will avoid those

Human organisms are not very different than Avian in most ways of self
management, if possibly being cruder, less reliable/durable, weaker, and
advanced evolutionarily.

Chlorophyl also is understood to offer valuable aid to most any Species for
Calcium and related uptake and correct distribution/ of
course does direct out-door Sunshine and or Vitamin D.

Possibly, Athritis and related conditions in adults of any Species may
originate in or at least derive partially from, an under-provided or
under-nourished Thyroid ( Vegetative or Animal sources of
the correct Molecular kinds of Iodine are not generally easy to find ),
cascading roughly from there into a gamut of deficient and overloaded
adrenal/endocrine/lypmphatic/digestive flora-fauna symbiosis short-comings
or compromises,
thence to
immunologiclal and regulatory mis-adventure,
among which are the varieties of chronic inflamitory response or auto-immun=
complaints or
( including ostensible Allergy, Asthma, etc ) problems...made
worse for floridated/chlorinated public Water, hormones and various
medicines and
chemicals which remain permiating cells and fluids found in any
factory/corporate produced meats
and al.


So...kinda makes sense Cherry Juice particularly would benifit Arthritic or
related complaints.

Cherrys ARE good for you!



----- Original Message -----

Hi Joyce,

If you don't mind - what is that about Cherry Juice

Tony, tell Sheila please that I do drink the cherry juice and it
DOES help the pain almost immediately! I always thank her mentally
when that happens.... and you for having the good sense to marry

The above represents a half dozen or so requests for the same information.
I'm choosing to answer all on-list in case others might be interested, and
to keep Sheila from being deluged. Such pain may well prevent a potter
from being able to pot so in a way it relates, right?

Sheila sent me a message through Tony a couple of years ago about
her use of sour cherry juice to alleviate pain from rheumatoid arthritis.
..... that is the juice of Sour Cherries, so labeled even though they may
not taste "sour" at all. When I googled sour cherries I found few resources
for purchasing the juice. I ordered a gallon from up around the Clennell's
place, drank it daily and felt some relief.

However, I decided not to go through the ordering process again (first orde=
arrived with juice having leaked out of the containers). Instead I put our
local health food store on it and they were able to order it by the
very expensive since I drank a minimum of said pint daily. Soooo, before
driving to Northeastern United States to fill the car full of the targeted
juice, I wrote to Johns Hopkins arthritis center in Baltimore (? I think
Baltimore) where a lot of research has been done about treatment of
arthritis, including alternative treatments. Somewhere in all the materials
e-mailed and snail-mailed to me I received the info that Johns Hopkins
had been researching cherry juice for RH, AND had found that Sheila is
correct........ drinking the sour cherry juice does alleviate the pain from
inflammation caused by RH for "some" people. The last I heard JH (and
others) were trying to isolate the component in the juice that helped
relieve pain in hopes that it could be produced in a more easily managed

Since then I've read that the juice of other cherries also seems to offer
same properties. Sooo I've been purchasing cherry juice from the local
Albertson's grocery store where it doesn't stay on the shelves all that

It doesn't help my pain every time but it's always worth a try and often
seemingly make a difference. I must add that I'm not certain that I'm
any person nor institution correctly. I have no "insider" knowledge nor
experiences. I'm simply a two-fisted typist with no medical training of any
kind, except that my mother (Mama Luce) was a LVN, Licensed Vocational
Nurse, in the Kentucky mountains.... and my granddaughter is an RN/ Nursing
in San Diego, CA.

Tai Chi for arthritis helps me, also. Drat. Can I not keep my hands off the
keyboard just once even though my brain is sending distress messages
rapidly until I do tell ALL that I know, little that it may be.

Do you get it that I don't know much and am not attempting to pretend that =

In the Mojave desert of CA U.S.A.


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