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question to teachers who sell replies off list

updated sun 5 sep 10


Eva Gallagher on sat 4 sep 10

Hi - I have to agree with David - so many times answers have been given off
list that I would have been interested in - if not, then I just delete. So
unless it is totally off-topic or a personal message please click reply
all - you never know who might be interested.
I'm really enjoying all the discussions on art!
Eva Gallagher
Deep River, Ontario

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From: "David Woof"
Sent: Saturday, September 04, 2010 3:37 AM
Subject: Re: Question to teachers who sell clay when price includes glaze

I write from my experience. You are welcome.
Now I would like to address this "Clayart community" you speak of;

Folks what community is Belinda talking about when most of the responses to
Belinda as she says, were off list?

Our open posting to list is the only tangible evidence of a community
Clayart has.
Other people have need of the informational exchanges made with the origina=
poster of a question.
Who are these who don't believe in their own advice enough to put it out
there for the world to see and examine? Is this the reason for the off list
The scrutiny of our peers leads to a more well thought introspection and
proving before opening ourselves to possible challenges. We used to speak
of Clayart as an online, ongoing cyber university.
I'd like to think that all remember sitting in a lecture hall discussion at
a full on University and as a matter of course one quickly anticipates and
prepares a defense before jumping in to state a position. Count on a
challenge. In that arena sometimes you get shot out of the water but no
harm, you are honing your logic and critical thinking skills and hopefully =
balanced humility and willingness to learn and be corrected.

It is easy to note who has that ability and it is a pleasure to read and
consider their posts.

David Woof

Re: Question to teachers who sell clay when price includes glaze and
Posted by: "B. Willis" ebw78745@GMAIL.COM
Date: Fri Sep 3, 2010 9:25 am ((PDT))

The ClayArt community has so very much wisdom. Thank you to all who
responded to my question, most of which were off list.