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fwd: kids and abstract art

updated tue 31 aug 10


gayle bair on mon 30 aug 10

I'm totally with you Maggie as that was my experience too.
When 6 yr old I saw the Grand Canyon and other national parks.
I was blown away by the beauty and knew I didn't posses the skill set to =
express it. So I actually waited
until I was an adult, had many years of instruction and allowed time to =3D
for my skills to develop.
Then one day I was ready and painted some the images I had been carrying =
around in my head for several decades.
Some of them have been been in my clay work. There are a lot more still =3D
rattling around in there that I haven't gotten to yet.=3D20

Gayle Bair - can recall that poster in kindergarten that about 5 =3D
students worked on in chalk. I drew what seems like a million rear ends =3D
of sheep on a mountain. The poster went to one of the kids the teacher =3D
selected and was very annoyed I didn't get chosen to take it home!

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Tucson AZ

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Maggie Furtak
> I don't know about peer pressure to draw realistically, Vince. I can =3D
> being 6 years old and close to tears of frustration as I drew elephant =
> elephant up in my little room, trying to get them to look the way that =
> looked in my head. There was no one there to criticize me, or show me =
a "right"
> (read, "realistic") way to do it. I just wanted to get my mental =3D
image of an
> elephant out on paper and I didn't have the skill yet.
> But then...I can also remember the breakthrough moment, later that =3D
> afternoon, when I found that if I drew in short little strokes that =3D
> instead of one long smooth line, that I had time in between strokes to =
look at
> how the line was developing and correct it as I went, to better match =3D
the image
> in my head. Rapture!
> It's not that kids are after realism, it's that they are after =3D
> self-expression. I drew abstracted things too. I held them to the =3D
> standard. If I drew an abstracted and stylized thing, I wanted it =3D
> and stylized the same way that I pictured it in my mind. Not squidgy =3D
> awkwardly proportioned with a gray smear under it where I tried to =3D
erase a first
> attempt and wore a little smudgy hole in the paper.
> I got frustrated because I loved to draw and I really cared. Not =3D
because some
> teacher was making me feel bad.
> -Maggie
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