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slathering on slip glaze and kiln firing videos

updated fri 27 aug 10


gary navarre on wed 25 aug 10

Hey Crew,

I took a leap of faith and got the Verizon air card my friend Gail suggest=
ed so I can have a stable connection and continue uploading videos to YouTu=
be so here is a little single fire glazing of a couple pots ...

... and the start of the first firing of the Hobagama in February ...

If you will recall the firing started on a Thursday and I kept it in the P=
ig-nose on simmer for a few days until I began videoing on Sunday. Those wh=
o have been following how to fire this kiln should be familiar with lightin=
g and banking up of the Pig-nose so I started shooting after getting a dece=
nt draft. The first firings on a kiln like this are always slow because of =
residual moisture from construction and the green clay in the pots or as th=
e present state of a rainy summer and high humidity.

Since we have already seen the photos of both firings and the results I'll=
try to keep the videos succinct and still give a feel for being there so s=
tay tuned and stay in there eh.

Gary Navarre
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA