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new book, reviews needed

updated mon 23 aug 10


mel jacobson on sun 22 aug 10

i have put together a small book on teaching clay in the schools.
it is a dandy.

i have asked john post,
sean burns,
lynne fox and Terry deBardelaben to add essays
that reflect their teaching life.

i have added my own to the mix.
(five voices are better than one.)

it is a realistic view of how to make a full time clay
program work.

in a time when things are being shattered, we are trying
to logically fight back, and support classroom teachers that
love clay...we want to lend a hand.
(complaining, bitching and being critical has never won a fight.)

the amaco corporation is going to publish the book, and it will be
available on their website late this fall. we have done this from our hear=
and are asking no fee, no gifts...nothing. it is our love of
clay that makes this happen.

if you wish for a copy of the book to review, send me a note
via email, and i will download the pdf to you. (it is a bit big,
like 130 pages
so remember the download will take a few minutes.)

there is no copyright, so do with it as you wish. give it away.
download it to others...your choice. but, stand up for clay in the
schools, fight back with logic and zeal.
from: minnetonka, mn
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