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salt kilns/my experience

updated mon 16 aug 10


mel jacobson on sun 15 aug 10

we have a very big salt kiln at our farm.
it can spew out a great deal of vapor.
nothing has ever suffered, not even the weeds.

it is salt vapor. and, not as much as they put
on the roads around minnesota and wisconsin in the winter.

but, i do know, if you have people close, and many do in
schools etc., those folks have no way of knowing what is good
vapor, and what will kill you. and, people have no way
of knowing what is heat, what is steam and what is smoke. ??
what is pure white and comes from a stack...???? water.

you either have to inform, get people coming your way
that understand...or, forget the project.
as, the public is so hoodwinked about what will hurt
you, and what will kill is sad.

a kid in a car will kill you. a train will kill you..and even
city is a great stat.
the new public transport train in minneapolis has now killed
three people. the thousands of people that have permits to
carry a pistol have not killed anyone. so, train 3, permit holders 0.
crimes against nurses coming home at 3 a.m. from inner city
hospitals have dropped 80 percent.

salt kilns have never been known to hurt anyone, no one in history.
in fact, we had a big one here in hopkins, years back...sewer tile
factory... george kulshaw, our old head janitor worked at one as
a kid. he shoveled salt for three years, into a bee hive kiln.
he lived to be 96. cigarettes and booze will kill you. a fact of life
and death.
from: minnetonka, mn
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