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non potters discussing craft v art debate

updated fri 6 aug 10


Elizabeth Priddy on thu 5 aug 10

I opened the discussion up in a blog format and there are some interesting =
things being said there. You can comment there if you have an Open Salon a=

(It only takes about 1 minute to open one and then you can comment. It is =
free and the blog is free and easy to put up stuff, pictures and text and m=
ovies. All you need is an email address to participate. I have had an acc=
ount there for about 3 years now and I post non pottery related stuff, haig=
a poetry (a graphic and a haiku/senryu, 365 of them there for the curious),=
diabetes stuff, fat lady stuff, political stuff, and art that is not clay =
based. Your blog there can be about anything. I keep my website clear of =
non pottery stuff and so I cut loose over there.)

- ePriddy

Elizabeth Priddy
Beaufort, NC - USA