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cheap-ass bird feeder about $3 at lowes

updated sat 31 jul 10


Eric Hansen on fri 30 jul 10

from China, this bird-feeder really works, bottom or top threads off, the
u-shape perch that small birds prefer. I got chickadees, doves, sparrows,
squirrels & chipmunks (on the ground) on the second day. Waiting for the
migrators. Along the I-95 corridor. Anyway, habitat loss is a huge issue
with most of the animal kingdom right now. The antidote is to go wild!!
Tomorrow setting the stage, re-landscaping, planting azaleas, rhododendrons=
building fences, etc. The goal is to keep predators out of the bird
sanctuary, tea-house, & future Western Gate.
Eric Alan Hansen
Stonehouse Studio Pottery
Alexandria, Virginia
"To me, human life in all its forms, individual and aggregate, is a
perpetual wonder: the flora of the earth and sea is full of beauty and of
mystery which seeks science to understand; the fauna of land and ocean is
not less wonderful; the world which holds them both, and the great universe
that folds it in on everyside, are still more wonderful, complex, and
attractive to the contemplating mind." - Theodore Parker, minister,
transcendentalist, abolitionist (1810-1860)