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kiln workshop in taku japan, last announcement

updated tue 27 jul 10


Mike on tue 27 jul 10

Hello Everyone,

I am sending out this announcement one last time for any who may be
interested or know someone who may be interested.

There will be a kiln building workshop at my studio here in Taku, Japan
from October 15 - 22. The building of the kiln will be directed by Craig
Edwards of New London, Minnesota. Craig also designed the kiln. There
are still a few spots left for the workshop, and the time is about right
that discount airfare is still available.

There will also be a mini workshop by Karatsu potter Tsuruta Yoshihisa,
as well as side trips to potteries in the area.

Several participants will be remaining after the workshop ends to load
and fire the kiln. The option is of course open to anyone who wishes to
do so. The firing will be directed by Tsuruta Sensei and Craig Sensei.
We are planning a first firing show of everyone's work immediately
following the firing.

The kiln itself will be a catenary two chambered noborigama, starting
underground and climbing to ground level. It will incorporate floor and
shell insulation, front chamber mouse holes achieving better combustion
and even heating, and features in the sutema and chimney to lessen or
eliminate smoke.

Information on the workshop can be found at the following links:

For any additional questions, please contact me directly by email.

Thank you,


in Taku, Japan

Kiln Building Workshop, Oct. 15 - 22