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more about yixing teapots w photos

updated thu 22 jul 10


Patty on tue 20 jul 10

And then we visited the "teapot factory" which also had a museum collection=
110 more photos

A little history as copied from signs on sight

Yixing earthenware pottery began in the Song Dynasty 960-1279 thrived in th=
Ming and Qing Dynasties. As early as 1910 it was winning awards at
international trade shows such as the Philadelphia World Exhibition in 1926
and The Belgium International Fair in 1930.

After 1949, with the establishment of the People's Republic of China a
revival was needed. In 1954 seven masters were recruited by the government
and set up a government factory (workshop). In October 1955 they began
recruiting apprentices to train. They started with three thatched cottage=
and a steel yard.

In 1958 three of these cooperatives merged into the Jiangsu Yixing Violet
Sand Arts and Crafts Factory.

With the current opportunities for free enterprise, production continues in
the cooperative. We saw young people using a mixture of the traditional
hand building and press molds to create items for the shop around the

The Factory buildings also house as museum with quite a collection of
master's pots and information on the Yixing teapot building process.


Patty Kaliher