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if you have an electric kiln sitter where the button won't sta=

updated thu 22 jul 10


Taylor Hendrix on tue 20 jul 10

y in...

Nice fix, Brad.

I've taken a few of these sitters apart and I'm betting that the cam ,
which should be actuated by that little spring, is what is preventing
the button from locking into the on position. Disassemble things and
give them a good brushing off, no oiling and no harsh sanding. That
should really do the trick. The metal cam arm runs behind the contact
block and you can just see the end of it peeking out from under things
in your picture. You might even just move that cam back and forth
several times then blow things out with some compressed air. Might get
things moving again.

If you decide to take things apart, be careful because that ceramic
contact block has many little bushings and screws that can get lost if
you are not paying attention.

I had pictures around here somewhere...

Taylor, in Rockport TX
wirerabbit1 on Skype (-0600 UTC)

On Sun, Jul 18, 2010 at 6:42 PM, Brad Sondahl wrote:
> I've had several kilns over the years where, when you push the button
> in on the kiln sitter, it pops right back out again, in spite of
> having time on the meter.. ...

Louis Katz on wed 21 jul 10

y in...

Could just be simple corrosion and and old spring. But the spring is part=
an assembly that attaches to the contact plate. Often when the spring die=
these contacts are less than fully functional. When the contacts open the=
can arc a bit and when they get closed (when you push the button in befor=
you fire ) they can have dust between them. This dust holds the contacts
apart, the small distance between the contacts creates resistance and arc=
and the contacts get pitted and oxidized. They heat up often causing the
little spring to corrode.
Often more is corroded than the little spring and replacement can require=

new wires.=3D20

In my experience this is an instance when it is better to open the kiln u=
before ordering parts. Make sure you put the thing back together per
manufacturers directions. I am not an electrician.