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new cone 6 oxi glaze

updated wed 21 jul 10


Robin Wolf on sun 18 jul 10

It has been awhile since I've said hello, but. the time has been well spent=

There were a couple of those life-changing moments in May and June, the
first was when I was asked to run for a state office, which I declined base=
on the fact that I am an honor graduate from the "Joe Biden School of Publi=
Speaking", and I figured that my family, my friends, and my community did
not need to see front page headlines saying "Senator Wolf says
%$^#&*@(#($.....". The second was when my brother-in-law, Bill Wolf, lost
his 17-year battle with cancer at the age of 53. I realized while sitting
on the front row at the funeral that I did not want to be in the casket at
53, knocking on the lid, asking for just one more day so I could practice m=

The opportunity to represent my neighbors, my community, and my district wa=
the greatest compliment that I have EVER received, bar none. It gave me a
new view of myself, an entirely new view. I finally found the courage to
believe that I am capable of pursuing my dream of being a potter. Bill's
funeral cemented that decision. I had already talked to my employer about
the political situation, and had tendered a quasi-resignation. After the
funeral, I made the resignation final.

So, home and into the studio. My work is much better, the time to dedicate
to creating and focusing on what I love makes a huge difference. There is
new work posted on my website -
. It is all cone 6 oxidation glaze on
B-Mix, fired in an old Cress electric kiln.

My greatest accomplishment so far is my first personally created glaze,
"Cottonwood". Cottonwood earned its name for producing colors that resembl=
the leaves of the cottonwood trees that line the Cimarron River that runs
just north of my studio. It can range from a bright butter yellow matte
with iridescent silver-blue streaks to a variegated robin's egg blue, to a
glossy mint with pearl colored crystals in it. There is also a good run of
Pete Pinnell's ^6 Strontium Bronze, also Oxidation.

It's good to be back.

Robin Wolf

Robin Wolf Pottery

Kingfisher, OK

ivor and olive lewis on tue 20 jul 10

Dear Robin Wolf,

A wise choice to dedicate your efforts to exploring the Ceramic Arts.

Congratulations on creating an attractive glaze.

Producing a strong intense yellow is, for some people, a quest for the Holy
Grail. Hope you continue to have many such successes.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis,
South Australia