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learning, beginner's mind & limits

updated sun 4 jan 98


Russel Fouts on sat 3 jan 98

Veronica, Centa, etc.

>> I'm sure a lot of us relate to what you are saying; one of the most
addictive and frustrating things about clay work is all the different
possibilities it would be fun to pursue. <<

I've always dealt with this by imposing limits on myself. The first lesson I
got in this was in a design course I took back in College. We were limited
to two dimensions, black on white paper. The "black" could be anything. I
had a wonderful time and did some great work using Krylon spray paint (the
usual disclaimers) and pieces of paper (torn, cut, etc) to mask off
different areas the paper. That along with the height, angle and "intensity"
of the spray paint allowed me a LOT of possibilities.

I did the same in the pottery course I took after that. We had a lot of
different kilns and a lot of possibilities but I limited myself to one clay
body and a couple of glazes but used them in all the different kilns.

For the last few years I've been working only with two terra-sigilattas, a
cheap flowerpot clay, smoke and my electric kiln.

Imposing limits has forced me to push the possibilities of my materials and
imagination. I don't know how long I'll keep this up but I haven't run out
of ideas yet.

I'm sure there's a quote that could go here about possibilities out of


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