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pricing- a different take

updated thu 15 jul 10


ivor and olive lewis on wed 14 jul 10

Dear Lee Love,

Multi National companies that are in the game of extracting wealth from the
Crust of the Earth play to rules that differ from those applied to
manufacturers, service providers and sales organisation.

In Australia the States have their own ways of getting hands on financial
bounty. They charge Royalties on Production and Rents on the Tenements wher=
the wealth is buried.

When it comes to off-shore oil and gas production, the "Feds" take over.

Our Governments insistence that it would be better to charge a tax on
profits instead of retaining the current revenue system recently resulted
in the deposing of the then Prime Minister. Now we have a Lady in charge.

Tax minimisation is a legitimate process designed to ensure stockholders ge=
their fair share

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis,
South Australia