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updated wed 14 jul 10


Eric Hansen on tue 13 jul 10

Well with the local clay I'm just trying to make a few good pots. With the
clay and glaze I am testing for the kitchen, it's a few nice pots for the
kitchen. But the big picture - "artist" stuff - it is all about imagery.
Anyway I face the choice of talking about it or doing it, so I'm gonna do
it. We can talk about it later. Who want's to buy? Would be a fool not to,
but it's not up to me alone.
h a n s e n
Eric Alan Hansen
Stonehouse Studio Pottery
Alexandria, Virginia
"To me, human life in all its forms, individual and aggregate, is a
perpetual wonder: the flora of the earth and sea is full of beauty and of
mystery which seeks science to understand; the fauna of land and ocean is
not less wonderful; the world which holds them both, and the great universe
that folds it in on everyside, are still more wonderful, complex, and
attractive to the contemplating mind." - Theodore Parker, minister,
transcendentalist, abolitionist (1810-1860)