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selling big at fairs

updated sun 11 jul 10


paul gerhold on sat 10 jul 10

In one of his postings Dan Rotblatt said that you cannot sell sculptures in
the 4-5 thousand dollar range at fairs. Sorry to disagree but I did it for
20 years with ceramic sculptures and will be doing it again as soon as some
health issues are resolved.

Last year at the Coconut Grove Show a sculpture friend of mine who works i=
bronze sold four pieces in the 30-40 thousand dollar range. Admittedly an
unusually good show but selling major sculpture at outdoor shows happens al=
the time and has provided a living for a lot of people for a lot of years.

Now you do have to get into the better shows and you do have to work at it
but it can be done. With the current economy it is a lot harder than it
used to be but so is selling through galleries.