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pricing thread, glitch, hey i moved!

updated sun 11 jul 10


Stephani Stephenson on sat 10 jul 10

darn , i was waxing verbose on the pricing thread , and had not yet finis=
OR edited, when my post vanished. not sure if it sent or just vanished.
my apologies if it sent. thoughts were a gushing without much form at the=

point of departure...
my laptop keyboard is all glitchy
it selects and deletes with a mind of its own
maybe i have too much static electricity in my digits?
or perhaps there is a wayward ant crawling around in the circuitry?

hey y'all , studio is moved. public viewing of pics on my Facebook page

I now have what i call 'pallethenge' out side the shop
no pricing for me for awhilecactu
i figger a downmarket is as good a time as any to
plus i have to tackle some tumbleweeds afore sunrise....