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oh dear, odd characters in text, pricing post resend

updated sun 11 jul 10


=3D?X-MAC-ROMAN?Q?Stephani_Stephenson?=3D on sat 10 jul 10

Hmm, i typed the last post directly into the CLAYART ar=3D
chives form, as usual, so why all the code characters? i did use =3D
an older computer, to escape the glitchy keyboard and now it does=3D
ACT glitchy , it READS glitchy. GUess I better get back to this =3D
morning's work. planting nativ grass seed , anticipating some mon=3D
soonal moisture. here is a repost, hopefully without extra crap? =3D
i have no idea whether my last posts posted, but after sleeping =3D
on it, here's my pricing advice. Sandy and Lili make valid points=3D
, the issues can be as deep and wide , stark or nuanced as you li=3D
ke, but essentially. If you go into making stuff with clay as a f=3D
ull time, economic endeavor, you better 1. have good work habits&=3D
amp;#10;2. be able to deal with people .If you go into making stuff with =
clay as a full time, economic endeavor, you better feel the clay =3D
stuff deep deep in your bones if you don't , don't even bother.if=3D
you do, nothing will stop you.Finally , don't listen to anyone ,=3D
ANYONE about pricing. Basically when you price something you are=3D
pulling a price out of your ass (thanks to Trent for the illumin=3D
ating analogy)so "bottom line"?do the best you can and be fearles=3D
s about it over and over and over again