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updated fri 9 jul 10


Sandy Miller on thu 8 jul 10

Dropped off work at a local gallery last week, nice place run with one pa=
gallery director from the state arts council funding and lots of voluntee=
Our state pays the gallery rent, office rent upstairs and the salaried po=
Many of our sucessful local artists display and have shows in this lovely=
gallery. They have been open for the last 5 years and new kids on the bl=
to be sure.


Across the street is a gallery who has been doing business for 25 years.=3D=
Opened when the area was "blighted". Single Mom, with a very professiona=
gallery, dug in and pulled the neighborhood along. She haunts the art sh=
and likes to carry excellent local work. She is going out of business. =
She is=3D20
doing enough business framing 2 D work from customers but her business of=
selling and supporting local work has dropped to nil. She is no longer p=
her bills. I asked her what she will do. She will be unemployed with a =
year old kid to feed. She didn't really know ...... I get it!

I am really grappling with this. I love the new place but in this econom=
y in=3D20
our city there are only so many art dollars to go around. A government=3D2=

subsidized gallery has clearly had an impact on a private owner.=3D20

Stuff to think about while sitting at the wheel on a 90 degree day waitin=
g for=3D20
pants to catch on fire.......

Sandy Miller