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new guinea penis covers and pricing pots

updated mon 5 jul 10


Dinah Snipes Steveni on mon 5 jul 10

Excellent documentary: The Sky Above and The Mud Below. Pretty certain a Fr=
ench film crew made it in the 60s when I saw it. New Guinea. Lots of primal=
birthing scenes, penis covers. Well worth a revival. Right up there with N=
ational Geographic's bare-breasted images which gave many of us our first w=
orld views. Old enough to recall B&W.

Anyway, all three entries (three piece Place Setting) accepted into Houston=
's 18 Hand Gallery's Dining in III show. Pleasure overlaid with OMG think o=
f the posting and packing fee! Price them properly and they won't come home=
is my mantra. My daughter saw the call to artists in Ceramic Monthly and s=
aid: "Dining in ill? What's that all about?" I eye-rolled the explanation.

Very good comments from most Clayarters re Pricing Pots. Yeah, I tend to ag=
ree with those who come down on the side if one whops in too many variables=
-- cost of education, child-care, gym membership for strength training unl=
ess it's been prescribed by your GP, oh not in the USA? in the UK it might =
be, library fines for overdue talking books -- into the mix you price your=
self right out. Additionally,you can get away with taking a loss a couple o=
f times with the tax folks, but there's that 4th out of 5 returns, you'll g=
et audited. That's the way they work it. Accountants worth every penny.

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