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sad news about beloved high school ceramic teacher paul bernhardt

updated fri 2 jul 10


Carla Lombardi on thu 1 jul 10

Paul R. Bernhardt of West Chester=3D20
Published: Wednesday, June 30, 2010=3D20

Paul Bernhardt, son of the late Harold and Alice Bernhardt, died peacefully=
on Saturday, June 26, 2010, at his home in West Chester.=3D20

He was born in Yeadon on Nov. 15, 1932.=3D20

Paul graduated from Kutztown University with a bachelor of arts degree, Tem=
ple University with a master=3DE2=3D80=3D99s degree in art education and Al=
fred U=3D
niversity with an MFA degree in ceramics.=3D20

Paul taught ceramics for 35 years at the Conestoga High School in Tredyffri=
n/Easttown School District and was art department chairman for many years. =
He was instrumental in developing an art major program in the district, whi=
ch was one of the first in the area.=3D20

For many years, he taught ceramics at the Main Line Night School and upon r=
etirement, taught ceramics at the Chester Springs Art Studio in Chester Spr=

He participated in many local shows and national juried shows and, over the=
years, had received many awards for his ceramics and his influence on stud=

In 2007, he received an award for =3DE2=3D80=3D9CExcellence in Teaching=3DE=
2=3D80=3D9D =3D
from the National Conference in Education in Educating for the Ceramics Art=
(NCECA). This is a very prestigious award and it was the first time it was=
ever given to a high school teacher.=3D20

In 1994, a group of former students, who are well-known artists, had an exh=
ibition at Chester Springs Art Studio as a tribute to his influence on thei=
r careers in the world of ceramics.=3D20

He was a member of the Wallingford Potter=3DE2=3D80=3D99s Guild, The =3DE2=
ybody=3DE2=3D80=3D9D Group and the Chester County School Retirees.=3D20

Paul is survived by his wife of 55 years, Janet L. (Miller). He is also sur=
vived by a sister, Ruth Thompson of California; brother, Harold of Holland,=
Pa.; niece, Carol Muraski; nephews, Fred Bernhardt, Paul and Mark Thompson=
; and several great-nieces and great-nephews who were precious to him as we=
ll as his devoted friends and students.=3D20

A memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, July 7, at the Del=
laVecchia, Reilly, Smith & Boyd Funeral Home, 410 N. Church St., West Chest=
er, 610-696-1181, < > .=3D20

Interment is private.=3D20

Visitation will be held from 10 to 11 a.m. Wednesday at the funeral home.=

In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Chester County SPCA, 1212 =
Phoenixville Pike, West Chester, PA 19380; and/or Baltimore Clayworks, 5707=
Smith Ave., Baltimore, MD 21209; and/or Christ Lutheran Church, 189 Church=
Road, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229; and/or Neighborhood Hospice, 795 E. Marshall S=
t., Suite 204, West Chester, PA 19380.=3D20

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=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 clayart down? (2)=3D20
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=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 Zircopax vs Spectralux=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 Question for those who fire gas kilns (2)=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 Archives=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 candling is a waste of fuel=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 Pricing your work=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 very sad news to share=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 Restoring lid=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 Foam bats, cracked bowls=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 corelite shelves and kiln wash=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 55 gallon drum=3D20

1. Workshop with Kelly Savino=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 Workshop with Kelly Savino (06/29) From: Dana & Chr=
is Tra=3D
bka =3D20

2. Acceptable pot loss during bisque?=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 Re: Acceptable pot loss during bisque? (06/29) From=
: Davi=3D
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3. clayart down?=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 clayart down? (06/30) From: Nils Lou .EDU>=3D
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 Re: clayart down? (06/30) From: MEUNIER LEE ee8@VE=3D

4. Little tiny spheres now roughness on pot bottoms=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 Little tiny spheres now roughness on pot bottoms (0=
6/29) =3D
From: Karen Sullivan =3D20

5. Zircopax vs Spectralux=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 Re: Zircopax vs Spectralux (06/29) From: Carl Crave=
ns ven@PHOENYX.NET>=3D20

6. Question for those who fire gas kilns=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 Re: Question for those who fire gas kilns (06/29) F=
rom: S=3D
nail Scott =3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 Re: Question for those who fire gas kilns (06/29) F=
rom: S=3D
nail Scott =3D20

7. Archives=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 Archives (06/30) From: Linda Mccaleb @YAHOO=3D

8. candling is a waste of fuel=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 candling is a waste of fuel (06/29) From: Nils Lou =

9. Pricing your work=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 Pricing your work (06/30) From: William & Susan Sch=
ran Us=3D
er =3D20

10. very sad news to share=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 very sad news to share (06/30) From: Steven Branfma=

11. Restoring lid=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 Restoring lid (06/29) From: Lili Krakowski wski@C=3D

12. Foam bats, cracked bowls=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 Foam bats, cracked bowls (06/29) From: Lili Krakows=
ki krakowski@CITLINK.NET>=3D20

13. corelite shelves and kiln wash=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 corelite shelves and kiln wash (06/29) From: MJ carizo=3D

14. 55 gallon drum=3D20
=3DE2=3D80=3DA2 Re: 55 gallon drum (06/29) From: phil NK.NET=3D


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