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address book

updated tue 29 jun 10


Dannon Rhudy on wed 30 jun 10

I've replaced my computer, and along the way lost my

whole, entire address book. I have no doubt also lost

track of whatever conversations I was in the middle of,

so - nudge me if I've seemed rude, distant, and/or have

ignored my mail. It's all gone. I've not the least idea

what I was in the midst of. It is no doubt all my fault.

Mea culpa.

If I had your address before I certainly don't have it

now. Send me it - or of course now is an opportunity

not to send it...

Even though this computer is brand new, I note that the

button cover for the comma is not attached. A serious

annoyance. I'm inclined to attach it with a drop of

jb weld. Or is that too primitive? Suggestions welcome.

Nice to be back on the list - it's been a few weeks.


Dannon Rhudy