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midfire texture glazes

updated tue 22 jun 10


Lili Krakowski on mon 21 jun 10

Not to be difficult...but what do you mean by "interesting"? That you =3D
find your present glazes dull...

Texture in glaze can be introduced by a bunch of different means--and I =3D
cannot visualize why this could not be done at just about any temp.

US pottery has been hung up on high fire, reduction pottery for about =3D
half a century...and the notion still hangs out there that only such =3D
pottery is "the real thing" and that mid range esp mid-range electric is =

1. Many "textures" are achieved by underfiring the glaze. Duh.=3D20
I am not an advocate of underfired glazes except in rare and special =3D
circumstances, where the customer and ultimate user know from the getgo =3D
that this is not meant for any true form of function. =3D20

2. Some textures are achieved by creating a mottled glaze. =3D20
See "The Potter's Book of Glaze Recipes" Emmanuel Cooper,ISBN 071341 =3D
1997 0.

3. Texture can be achieved by adding "stuff" to the clay itself. Of =3D
course that interferes with recycling...But stuff can be added to =3D

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage